Vinyl Ripping Service

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Audioport can capture your vinyl LPs to a using a high performance ripping system (turntable, cartridge, phono stage, A-D converter and cabling).

If you have a core group of cherished vinyl records with no way to properly play them back (and/or no desire to invest in a high end vinyl playback system), Audioport can bring them into your digital world. Vinyl recordings can be ripped at up to 24/192kbps.

Prior to ripping, a thorough cleaning of the record is performed using a high-end VPI vinyl LP cleaning machine. Digital recording deliverable includes album track listings (except in the case of some classical fare), and album cover art.

Priced at $25 per single LP / $35 for double LPs
A discount is available for quantities of 5 or more LPs. You must provide a storage medium (i.e. thumb drive or portable drive) for your music data.