Listening to your music should be pure joy.

No matter what genre of music you enjoy, your sound system should always be capable of accurately reproducing the original recording. And, just as important, your system should provide you with the emotional connection and enjoyment the music deserves. 

Audioport has decades of experience in helping our customers achieve a rewarding outcome that delivers a faithful reproduction of the recording while connecting you to the soul of your favorite music. We do this by balancing personal tastes, room acoustics, and budget. And, we believe that value should be an important consideration in what you choose, no matter the price.

Learn why Audioport should be your resource for remarkable audio enjoyment.

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World Class Products for Superior Sound

“World class” can mean different things to different people. To me it is a reference to the performance level and the price point. A world class $1,000 component had better be vastly outperformed by one at 10K. So although the most extreme audiophile may not consider a moderately priced piece to be exceptional, for many the price no object choices are irrelevant. I embrace both. If you can’t afford to drop the price of a modest home on your stereo that doesn’t mean you can’t thoroughly enjoy your music. At the same time finding products that set new standards at much higher prices is always welcome, both in their own right and for the potential trickle down effect.

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Speakers are, in many respects, the most obvious components in your system. You not only hear them; you see them as well. But obvious and important are not synonymous. Often there are minor tonality differences that are easily heard. However they are typically easily adjusted to. If the signal arriving at your speakers has issues they can be more fundamental that just tonal aberrations. For example a good speaker can sound different in two different rooms. If there is an issue with the signal they are receiving, that problem will always be there. As always, there’s a synergy between system components, room and listener.

I would often prefer a competent pair of speakers driven by good electronics over great speakers driven by mediocre electronics.





In two channel systems, "electronics" generally refers to both source and amplification components. This category includes preamps, DACs, CD players, phono stages, and power amps. It excludes turntables, which are transducers, like microphones and speakers.

Although speakers make a strong statement, the ultimate sound of your system is dependent on the signal being provided to them. Some speakers present a more difficult load than others and the power rating often has little to do with an amp’s ability to drive a more difficult speaker load. Unnatural sounding electronics can’t be cured by the speakers. Often, more revealing speakers make the issues more obvious and unenjoyable.






All Else

There are many other important system elements beyond source, amplification and speaker products that can surprisingly enhance sound and performance.

Quality cables and power conditioning devices are now considered important system components due to their surprising influence on the overall sound. While the role of high performance cables is often downplayed, the reality is easily experienced.

Turntables, cartridges, isolation devices record cleaners, and headphones all obviously have a place in a good playback system, depending on a customer’s interests and desires.






A More Personal Experience

Audioport Ltd. has a legacy of providing outstanding products, advice and support to our customers. Our approach is focused on helping them achieve a personalized solution that provides an ideal environment for enjoying the music they love.

We always strive to understand your musical preferences, listening habits and space considerations to help determine the best approach to satisfying your audio desires.

To this end we schedule appointments for all listening and evaluation. Once we have helped you determine your tastes and budget a visit to your listening room is often beneficial. This helps me to tailor recommendations to fit your room as well as your tastes.

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