The Audioport Audition and Buying Experience

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The Audioport sales approach is unlike other dealers in that it is more focused on personal service, much like an architect or interior designer relationship. As such, our products are available for audition and listening in our showroom by appointment.

Many products are also available for in-home audition on a loaner basis. It is usually preferable to do preliminary listening in our facility to help focus on the most likely candidate(s) for your in-home audition. Cables and power conditioning products are extremely good candidates for in-home auditions, where you can do more relaxed, live evaluations within your own listening environment, acoustics and systems.

In some situations you may simply need advice, expert setup and optimization of your existing system, or advice on how to proceed with full blown home theater setups, which are no longer in our range of product offerings. In the latter case you may still seek our advice regarding system design and prioritization for your specific desires. Often getting a well-qualified outside opinion can lead to better performance (and value) in the areas most important to you.

To learn more about how you can experience our superior audio products, either in our showroom or in your own home, contact us to get started.

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