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Audioquest Speaker Cables

Audioquest Speaker Cables

A leader in high performance cables and power conditioning

Audioport has a long history with Audioquest and has enjoyed providing their signal cables over the years. They have now very successfully expanded into other areas including thumb drive size DAC's, great headphones, and some paradigm shifting power products including their new line of Garth Lehrer designed power conditioners and cables. Fun stuff to demo and experience.

Curious about whether cables do or don't make a difference?

Borrow some of our Audioquest cables for a weekend and let your ears be the judge. To quote composer Charles Ives "Stand up and use your ears like a man."  We believe cables are a component and subscribe to Audioquest's philosophy that all cable is bad . . . the best is just the least bad. While that may sound depressing, the results speak for themselves.



Analog interconnects, speaker cables, digital cables . . . they all make a surprising difference. Audioquest signal cables are offered in a wide range of performance levels and price points.


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Power Conditioners

It’s been proven that we have lots of noise and other garbage transmitting through our power utilities. And while some power conditioning products address the noise, they often introduce changes to the music that can be worse than the problems they are designed to solve. Such is not the case with Audioquest.


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power cables

It’s hard to fathom how a short power cable can improve power performance when the AC current arrives at your system after traveling through many feet of Romex house wiring. While the explanation of why it does is complex, but the simplest thing to do is listen. The difference can be stunning to the point that power cables are suggested as part of system budget considerations.


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MORE audioquest

Audioquest isn’t just a cable company anymore, and offers a host of other performance audio products and accessories. This includes surprisingly good thumbdrive-sized DACs, devices to reduce digital jitter, record brushes, headphones and more. Audioquest engages some of the best designers in the world to create their products.